007 to Shuteye via the Waterfall 07-31-10

Okay. Alot of the places we ride we hit pretty open roads to get to where we turn off. Some times we run 45 or so down the nice roads.

Ya gotta "air em out" once in a while.....otherwise they become stagnant and go only as fast as you normally would.....in 2nd or 3rd gear! 4th, 5th and 6th (if you have it) become siezed and will not work! :prof:...:smirk:


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:thumb: Looks like you guys had a blast. If T-Day doesn't work out for me I'll just have to come back.:ride:

I gotta :lol: at the "dusty bikes" comment! I wish my bike was just "dusty" after a ride! :lol: Too funny! You use a swiffer to clean them after a ride? :smirk:
:lol: I was going to comment on the same thing.
Something just came up and I can't make TDAY! :prof:
:rolleyes: Not this again, sorry you're on the "will be there" list so no backing out now. :P
Oh man, that was a good E ticket ride. You can see the hole the bike was in in this thread, its the first waterfall, the bike was on end front wheel up in the hole.