007 The Extraction 06-05-2010

Me Too! Road trip! I have twisted throttle in CA, NV, AZ, UT, ID, Baja, and China (:devil:). I know were a good KX500 is located in New Mexico that I need to go get...:devil:
cda as a young lad, he's in the very front
CDA is wearing a dress :eek:

Aw you found my family photo! I think the dude behind the driver is dead..:shocked:

Hey you know the saying "take your skirt off"?, well I don't do that. I like the breeze blowing up my skirt while I ride...:prof:

There aint NO WAY he's going to grab on and hold him either...the kids are screwed...

What ever blows your skirt up is what I say!!!!
Thanks for the reminder TWS!

Just a little over 30 days until the 1 year anniversary of this adventure!

Shall we have a reunion gathering for those that want to try and cross the creek?