spark problem (having no spark)

I have a TaoTao dbx1 that is having no spark, at first i realized the choke was on so i thought i had just "drowned the spark plug" so i went to my nearest auto shop (AUTOZONE) and got a new sparkplug sure it as the right size or something like that with a google search on the specific model, went home replaces the spark but first kicked over the bike a couple times to get the rest of the gas out and went to put in the new sparkplug but was sad to see no spark coming out of the plug while kicking it over to look for spark so now i am just lost

can someone help me pls


Staff member
Could be several things.
Kill switch could be grounding out or not working
Wiring could be damaged and not connected or grounding out
Component Failure would be the lest likely, but does happen.
Components include stator, coil, cdi.
-BIG DAN:thumb: