Intercom Systems

So I'm in the market leaning toward a Sena. I ride single track in Florida so my concern is breaking a large bulky device off the side of my helmet. I'm leaning toward the SMH10R. Do any of y'all have any experience with these?
I have the Scala 9 units for about 5 years. Had some good get offs and never had a problem. So, don't be worried about it getting taken off unless your talent is to hit your head on the right all the time.
I do not have any experience with one, but I am looking to purchase a couple myself for out on rides but mostly on DS events.
Scalas are pretty dope. I have another set new in box. Got a good discount for buying to double sets. Was going to have 4 for rides but never gave a set to Thomas because I never wanted to hear the crap that came out of his mouth on rides. As long as the engine was running and the helmet was on, I didn't have to hear him. So I gave a set to my youngest, and I had the other. We changed up lead and sweep on all our rides, even with others in the group. People always thought we were talking to ourselves when we stopped. Haha