1974 CanAm 125 MX-1 Value

Hey guys. New to The Forum but love it. I'm going to be selling my 1974 Can-Am 125 dirt bike and I certainly don't want to leave money on the table and was wondering if anyone had an idea of a good starting price to list it? These bikes obviously are very rare and there aren't many left. This one runs flawlessly and is in excellent mechanical condition but could definitely use a cosmetic restoration. It does have brand new fenders, plates, seat cover, seat foam and rear tire. The bike is all original with Magura levers, throttle assembly, and the correct original Bing carburetor. Any input would be greatly appreciated I just want to do my homework before I list it for sale.
Nothing for sale right now but over the years I've seen them go for about $3500 restored I was thinking of asking a couple of grand you know everything is so overpriced right now I'm certainly not in a hurry to sell it but I don't want to leave money on the table. Like the old saying goes It's Worth what someone's willing to pay for it but then of course shipping is an issue so it probably would have to be a local buyer the good news is I'm in Florida very close to Daytona and Orlando


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That is probably a fair assessment. I was feeling about the same.
Good Luck!
Post some photos of this beast!!! Lots of love for the classics here!
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Here's when I first bought it and here's when I got finished with it. Just basically did a British restoration mechanical and minimal cosmetic. Well crap for some reason the finished photo won't go through I'll take some more and post later


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It's an awesome bike 6 speeds classic West German Magura levers and throttle original Bing carburetor it has the rotax rotary valve engine which put out a true 20 horsepower which was unbelievable for the time. Mikuni Oil injected so no need to premix gas and it's so cool cuz the oil reservoir is built into the frame with a fill cap. Also the oiler injects oil directly to both crank bearings and then mixes with the fuel which is unheard of
In your effort not to leave money on the table and if you’re not in a hurry to sell, you might want to start a little higher. I would start at $2800 and if someone is truly interested, they will negotiate. This way they will feel like they got something for a deal and you may get $2k - $2.3k in your pocket. Again, depends on how long you want to hold out. There has to be 2-3 people with deep pockets and a fondness for the bike. It may take a while for it to reach those folks.
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I like that line of thinking it's going to take a special person to buy this bike and honestly a few hundred is not going to be a deal breaker money is no object when you're looking for something this specific. Going to tweak a few more things on it and probably list it next week appreciate the input!