Yamaha RT180 2 stroke smokin so damn much

Hello, I have a 1997 Yamaha RT180 2 stroke. I recently repaired it by doing cylinder rebuild with an overbore. I had to mix the fuel, because the (I think its called a jet, not too sure, its that cylinder disc that turns when you throttle and lets oil through) broke previously. It has been replaced, and I need help to figure out whether I should mix my fuel or not. I tried a 40:1 ratio, and it was putting out trails of white/blue smoke. Like a LOT. I tried 60:1, same thing. I dont really know what is going on. Should I try 70:1? Or should I just put gasoline in the tank without oil? Im new to riding so excuse my lack of knowledge.



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Welcome! The following are nothing more than facts you can apply to your situation.
*IF the auto oiler has been fixed, then mixing oil in the fuel would be double the oil, causing your smoke.
You have to be sure the auto oiler is working, or damage will occur.
*IF you're sure the auto oiler is disabled, then mixing oil in the fuel will be required at 32:1 maybe 20:1.
*IF you are positive you're getting just one mix of oil and it's still smoking, that is a sign of rich jetting, or a rich float setting.
-BIG DAN:thumb: