wrappin up Loretta's

On this 5th day of racing, I am sure of two things 1. I'm SO tired and sore and 2. VERY HAPPY!!
today in women's I got a 3rd place podium!!!! (saying goodbye to my old number plates haha) Todays race definitely kicked my butt!! last lap I was gettin light headed and wasn't seein' straight.. it scared me!! I was ssooo close to coming up short on a double. this track makes me mad sometimes because there are a lot of straights, but the turns are so tight and get rutted out and gnarly the opportunities to pass are very minimal!! uuggg!! yeah It's safe to say this race was the best race of my life!! there was a storm the other night, and even though it was a night ago, it kept the track pretty moist and gorgeous! :thumb: tomorrow being the last day of racing is definitely bittersweet!! I've gotta schoolboy main tomorrow, I really hope I can make a top ten!! :smirk: excited, tired... HAPPY!!
ll2.jpgl1.jpgsweet start pic!!
260490_140869485988422_100001961156458_276901_1275820_n.jpgthe rest of the loretta lynn's crew!!! :)
:banana::hail::clap: That is awesome! :thumb:

Major kudos to you for getting a podium and keeping us up to date! Very cool!

Do tell with what happens next! :thumb: