Women's Gear - Worth it or not?

Hello ladies! It doesn't look like a lot has happened in this forum lately, but I figured I'd still give it a shot :)

I'm new to riding and I've been borrowing my buddies' gear. They're all dudes, and thus far everything has worked totally fine - except the chest protector...for obvious reasons. It works fine enough to keep me safe, but all the men's ones I've used ride up and don't stay in place very well. Maybe its just that they're too big for me?

My question is if any of you own women specific chest protectors and if they're worth it. Should I drop the money on ladies gear? Any input on other ladies gear is welcome, too.
My wife has had issues for years with chest protectors. She started riding at 25, 5'-4" and does have a chest. She has gained weight thru the years just like me. Now the men's chest protectors are too long for her so when she sits it pushes up into her neck area and prevents her from looking down with the full face helmet. She does better with the women's specific protectors, but she has recently gone to a flack jacket style to try that. It is working so far, but is hotter to wear.
I bought a womens chest protector and never wore it. This girl from another forum wears the Thor Sentinel with no problems she says it's comfortable. Go to a shop and start trying some on and see what will work best for you! That's really the only way to find out.
Sweet! Thanks guys. I'll have to look into those. I just wasn't sure if the women's chest protector thing was a gimmick or something that would actually work. Sounds like there's some merit in checking them out though!