where are the Suzuki Experts at?? need help Please 1987 RM250 restore

Hi all new here,

I just picked up a 1987 (H) VIN, seller said it was a 1986, top-end torn up badly. Cylinder jug I have says '86 RM250 on it in sharpie, If I get it sent out and redone can I use it on My 1987?? I read something about different power valves between the "86 and "87,, I can find a '87 jug, but don't have the power valve parts for it... ANY help would be GREAT. Thanks in advance
Since the seller was misinformed about the year , probably the same on the Jug ....
Get EBAY to look and compare ... good source for parts new and used.....
So far ebay ads say jug fits both... But 87 has updated part#, an 86 seems to fit my 87, but the power valves are different. Will an 86 power valve/ jug make a 87 go brappp???


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Need a picture of the cylinder you possess to determine it's year compatability. There were two in 1986, one fits a 1987 as well.
Based on your comments on another forum, your bike is certainly a disc brake 1987 rm250?
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VIN is an "H"... And it has the rear disc brake, any other things that would help identify? Engine number maybe? I can post that next time I am home... Here are pics of cylinder... If you need other views please let me know ( this is all I have on phone at the moment)... Will there be a part Number marked on the cylinder somewhere? I think if I open power valve cover and see which style power valve it is... Will tell me what cylinder it is. Thanks


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Based on that photo, this is an H cylinder for late 1986 and on. This will fit your H model 1987.
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Thank you... And guessing the power valve won't be an issue either... It physically sits on the engine, but that doesn't mean it will run right.... So far in the calls I made to dealers and even millennial, it seems the second I mention 1987 they lose interest and aren't really interested in figuring stuff out... One place just said give him part numbers so he could try an order stuff... So any help I can get on the forums.. is very much appreciated
Also it appears that either cylinder head dome will fit and work, but not sure... I either have to send mine out or buy another...


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