What bike should I get next?

I’m 5, 8, 170 lbs and looking for a new bike. I have been riding a TTR 125 and am now comfortable on a 230 in tight woods, I’m selling my 125 and need to get get my own bike because the 230 is my dads. Would a 250 4 Stroke be good or a 125 two stroke? (Mostly trail riding) and also what brand?
Before any real advice can be given you need to state your budget. Great bikes can be had cheaply not so much 250 F’s 125t will do anything you can do and then some, and are more simple in design for cutting your wrenching teeth.
Not to mention flat out smoking your dads bike.
In more ways than one
2 strokes are the bike of choice for most woods riders, the 125 is a screamer, a lot to handle in tight stuff, the 250 can be a great woods choice. Most of the choices in this category are MX bikes, they can be modified to be more tame for your type of riding. But if you can find an Enduro bike with a more forgiving power delivery and suspension that would be ideal.
Choosing the right dirt bike depends on several factors, including your riding experience, budget, intended use, and personal preferences. To make an informed decision, consider the following questions:

  1. Experience Level: Are you a beginner, intermediate, or experienced rider? Your skill level will influence the type and size of bike that's appropriate.
  2. Budget: What is your budget for a new bike? Dirt bikes can range from relatively affordable to quite expensive.
  3. Intended Use: What type of riding do you plan to do most often? Are you interested in motocross, trail riding, enduro, or something else?
  4. Size and Fit: Ensure that the bike you choose is the right size for you. A bike that's too tall or too small can be uncomfortable and challenging to control.
  5. Maintenance and Repairs: Are you comfortable with performing maintenance and repairs on your bike, or do you prefer a model that requires less frequent attention?
  6. Two-Stroke vs. Four-Stroke: Consider whether you prefer a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. Each has its own characteristics and maintenance requirements.
  7. Brand and Model: Do you have a preference for a specific brand or model based on reputation, availability, or personal preference?
  8. Local Terrain: Think about the terrain in your local area. Does it consist mainly of motocross tracks, trails, desert, or mountains? Your local riding conditions may influence your choice.
  9. Resale Value: Consider the resale value of the bike you're interested in. Some brands and models hold their value better than others.
Here are a few general recommendations for different scenarios:

  • Beginner: If you're a beginner, a smaller and less powerful bike with a forgiving engine is a good choice. Look for entry-level bikes in the 125cc to 250cc range.
  • Intermediate: If you have some experience, you can consider mid-sized bikes in the 250cc to 450cc range. These offer more power and versatility.
  • Experienced: Experienced riders can choose based on their specific preferences and intended use, whether it's a high-performance motocross bike, a versatile enduro bike, or something else.
  • Budget-Conscious: If you're on a tight budget, consider buying a used bike. Many good deals can be found in the used market, but be sure to thoroughly inspect any used bike before purchase.
Ultimately, the best bike for you will depend on your unique circumstances and riding goals. It's a good idea to visit local dealerships, talk to experienced riders, and test ride different models to get a feel for what suits you best.