What ~$1,000 196-212cc mini bike should I get Coleman rb200? monster moto frame? massimo?

Hi all.
I really wanted a gas mini bike for years and finally ready to spend up to $1,000.
I need help what to get. I haven't really dove deep into searhing yet but figured I'd ask here too.

I wanted the Coleman rb200 196cc when it first came out, they used to be all over Walmart website for only like $600 shipped but they seem to have disappeared from everywhere.
Initial rb200 reviews said the wheel hub broke which is the last thing I need.
I emailed Coleman but they had no explination why the rb200 seems to be discontinued, I was hoping they fixed the wheel hub and were rolling out more but it's been like a year.
Newer reviews don't mention the wheel hub breaking, only certain batches did or something so if I can secure an RB200 I might get that because I really like the beefy look and feel. Will be using for trails and some side street.
I figure parts from Coleman are easier to get years later and not be screwed with something I can't get parts for, but Monster Moto, Massimo, etc might actually be more reliable for parts later?

I like the rb200 doesn't look too much like a motorcycle with a fake gas tank I don't really want but I think 196-212cc is main thing and not something too small like 100cc although I could have fun with that too but don't want to feel like I'm on a kids bike I'm about 5' 9" 165.

I eventually want to modify the engine to give it more take off speed, I don't really need it to go faster than like 30 MPH in case there's a mod for that but I hope to at least give it more take off speed. I'm pretty good with engines plus youtube videos make it easy.
I have a harbor freight neaby I can get the engine from if I decide to get just a frame. I read some frame kits have way better brakes that the premade 196-212cc bikes.

I have a tractor supply nearby also and they have some mini bikes and I think I can order to the store free delivery whatever their website shows because they barely have anything at the store.


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Those 'Tote Gotes' are all about the same from big box stores. If you know how to tinker a bit, they will be fun for around the house and dirt trails.
-BIG DAN:thumb: