Welcome Squirly505!

Thanks rock monster for the warm welcome. I'll just use this post to introduce myself. As rock monster stated we have had some epic rides together. Like Most of my friends, i met rock monster on a dirt bike adventure. I have been riding dirt bikes since i was 13 years old. i am 34 now. Spent many years thrashing around in the woods of northern california on whatever bike i could afford to ride at the time. the past five years or so i have ridden quite a few hare scramble races in d36(most recently riding my 08 ktm 505 sx). eventually i worked my way up to the "a vet" class. after a couple of pretty knarly crashes i have decide to slow down a bit. I purchases a 07 450 exc dual sport and have been riding super fun dual sport rides. i really feel like i have found where i belong taking long multiple day dual sport rides- it is all about the adventure with a slight thrill also.It allows me to slow down a bit and enjoy what the world has to offer. i have found i like taking pictures of the epic views that i experience to share with the less fortunate poeple in my life. anyway thats pretty much who i am and what i do- i like to explore, am a thrill seeker, and a motorcycle seems to be the ticket to help me fill that void nicely.;-)