water sickness?

Hey guys ive never been able to drink that much water wIthout getting nauseated and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. I try to get at least a liter a day now which is still rare but yesterday I went to the track and rode 3 motos and ended up drinking a gallon on the day without any sickness at all. Anyone else like this?
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Yeah I can't drink anything within a couple hours of bed or it'll come up... I have a hiatial hernia that may be causing that part of it but just when I'm walking around at work it gets to where I may heave
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This is one thing I learned. While in Army boot camp. I have also gotten very sick. The Military force the recruits to drink a shit load of water. They also give us the salt tabs. You may find this interesting to read.

Hmm seems like the opposite of what I'm going through even though salt helps... when I'm active I have no problems with water, when I'm just at workor lounging around it makes me sick
Yes, I was surprised that my son told me they used it in the Marine Core boot camp.
Its one of the best sources of hydration there is, I usually drink a bottle or 2 leading up to the weekend of a race and then dump one and then the rest water for my hydration pack.
In Airborne School they made us drink this electrolyte drink mix called Cerasport. You will feel great but it tastes like salted ass.

You should definitely be drinking more than a liter of water if you can. Also, hydrate before, during, and after exercise. That adds up to a lot of h2o.

So basically, hydrate as much as you can and replenish electrolytes.

I have never heard of being sick from water like you. What do you drink in replace of water?
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I usually dont drink that much of anything... mostly beer but that's just Fri/sat nights like 4 or 5... maybe 3 coffees a week and then occasional soda. Poweraid or Vitamin water at lunch at work.