250 TTR250 throttle sticking

Recently rebuilt my carburetor, threw it back together and its got a steady idle unlike before, and does not backfire anymore (thank god it wasn't a valve problem). After a few rides, I noticed the throttle would stick right as it engages the slide, and would idle much higher unless I roll it all the way forward, then would drop back down to normal idle. The odd ball is that it only sticks when the engine is running, when the engine is not running, the throttle will roll as smooth as usual. I'm assuming it's a vacuum somewhere, but I ain't quite sure. Anyways, some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank ya


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If you can remedy the issue at the handlebars, those symptoms are evidence of a sticking/misrouted throttle cable or throttle grip.
The carburetor doesn't incorporate anything north of the slide, other than a spring trying to shut the carburetor with all it's might.
-BIG DAN:thumb: