Other TTR 230 - Won't Start

Hi everyone. Looking for some advice. Bought a 2018 TTR 230 for my son last year. This year, went for a couple rides then it wouldn't start. I thought it might be the battery - so I swapped that out with a new one. Also took off and cleaned the carb. Being that it's so new, it was clean. Electric starter will engage and turn over, but it won't catch and fire up. Changed the fuel to fresh gas too. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thx!
Rule of thumb here. :prof: always clean the carb twice and right before you are ready to install it, take it apart and clean it again spraying carb cleaner into every port you can find. Trust me on this.
Yes the clue here is “being that it is so new it was clean” would suggest that to the layman, what appears clean is clean.