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Would you ride at a new local track suitable for all skill levels?

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Hey all,
I am new here and I wanted to get your thoughts and opinions on local tracks and local parts/gear/service needs. Basically do you feel like they are being met or do you go elsewhere or out of your way to find what you want. If there was a track that provided track time, lessons, and racing somewhere east of the King / Snohomish County line would you ride there? What are you looking for that isn't there? If you could buy parts and gear locally for the same price as online would you? I am just thinking out loud here. I feel like a better option needs to be created specifically in relation to a track so you do not have to travel so far to ride. I would love to hear your opinion and thoughts.
Welcome to DBA Daniel....I don't live in your state, but I'll give you my 2 cents anyways, I live about 10 minutes away from the local track, it's supported by fees from the racers registration and race day entry fees, it is able to support itself solely from the revenue mentioned, no practice fees, people can unload they're bikes and ride anytime they want when it's open, however grooming is only done the day before race day so sometimes it goes 2 or 3 weeks without any maintenance done to it. As far as riding lessons I know of none available in my area.we have a few decent options for buying/ordering parts and gear, I get most of mine localy and not online. I think any areas set aside for riding is definitely a plus, especially as some of the greeny groups are trying to shut us down as it is.