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After the recent forum software upgrade the account upgrades were removed, however after some requests it's back, with changes. Due to how the new software works, the DBA Supporter upgrade is less about Premium features and more about just supporting the site.

Currently it'll give you:
  • In forum chat box.
  • Special DBA Supporter title.
  • But most importantly you help keep the DBA lights on. :hail:
*In interest of full disclosure, since DBA doesn't use Google Adsense anymore, the ads will no longer be removed.
**Features may be added, removed, or changed at any time.
***There will be no refunds given, in full or partial.

If you wish to support the site, you can do so by clicking on your name dropdown (top right) and selecting "Account Upgrades" or just click here.

You can also support DBA (at no added cost to you), by purchasing your products through these links. (Click the Sponsor tab at the top)

One time donations can be made here.

And as always, telling your riding buddies about DBA is the best way you can help out.
Get some free stickers here.

Thanks for supporting this site,
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