Stuck between two CRF


So I’m deciding to get a newer bike, reason for this is just because I want a newer fresher model and because my friend just got a new one too haha.

So two bikes I’m looking at, one is a 2016 crf250r, the lad who owns it has used it to race arena cross, its has top end done with about 25hrs since rebuild. Full Yoshimura exhaust, full rekluse clutch, pro circuit shifter and water pump, x trig tripple clamps, talon wheels and k tech oil conversion forks. He says been well looked after and serviced regardless of cost. He’s asking for £3700.

The other bike is completely stock but it’s 2017 crf250r and it’s coming from a shop which will accept my part ex. But I imagine if I wanted to get same parts as the above bike it would cost m thousands. Yoshimura pipe alone is like £800 and the clutch is £700. They are wanting £3995 for that one.

So the difference is the year apart in the models and obviously all the upgrades. But cost is near enough the same. Any advice would be great!!!

A racer will do anything to make his bike as competitive as possible. “Top end done” could very well mean Porting, high lift cam, high comp piston etc. being a beginner, I don’t know how much you will benefit from those modifications. It would certainly raise your fuel costs and maintenance schedule. I know it’s difficult to pass on all the a mart goodies, and yeah wheels pipe and clamps are all good but it’s eye candy. I have a modded motor in a crf250 and I love it, but it cost 2k to bring it up to where my yz250f is stock, and it drinks $15 a gal fuel. I say, buy a Yamaha!:thumb:
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Top end could mean a new piston and rings. I would go for the stocker in any case. If the 2016 does have some power increasing mods made to it (usually means it just has to rev higher to work as well as a stocker), everything on the rig in the power train gets the added strain. If you are currently running up front and are losing races by a half length or so at the flag, you may want to consider the addons later. Big news here is that you don't get anywhere near what you pay for when you buy the trickery. Come to think of it, that is really old news.
Id ask the ‘16 owner exactly what he did to the motor. Rekluse is a big deal if you want to keep doing the off-roading. Find out if the if the shop wants 4 out the door or add tax or assy fees, and see if the used bike would take 35 and that would make the deal for me.
The 16 bike isn’t available until March, no hour meter and I’m just worried it’s been worked hard because of arena cross. But the upgrades make it amazing like the rekluse clutch. Heard nothing but amazing reviews on them. Plus all the other upgrades on it.

I’m a beginner so I’ll look a bit of an idiot riding round in a high spek crf coming last. Think I’ll try and push the 17 down in price and I can always upgrade it as much as I want over the years I will own it. Plus I get a 2 year warranty with it
I don't think I ever got a two minute warranty on a race bike unless it was a sponsored ride.
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I don't think I ever got a two minute warranty on a race bike unless it was a sponsored ride.
My 08 TE450 had a 6month warranty, and my 12 Beta 520RS had a 12 month warranty. The new Yamahas only come with a 30 day.

Then, accross the pond and even Canada gets different ones I believe.