All STOP the OHV Green Sticker Fund RAID !

If you care about keeping Green Sticker Dollars not being STOLEN BY POLITICIANS for any purpose they desire... ACT NOW !

Click on the image below to go to the AMA Website and email your protest NOW !

Thank you ! ~BOLT
if you care about keeping green sticker dollars not being stolen by politicians for any purpose they desire... Act now !

Click on the image below to go to the ama website and email your protest now !

thank you ! ~bolt


Thank you! Come on everyone do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shit pisses me off so bad.

these fuckers better pray that i never get a terminally ill disease cause im taking some of these bastards with me if i do.
You know my sentiments-I'm down with Bill P. Give the money to the welfare crack ho's, better than building fences and paying LEO's.:thinking:
Besides, the vote was last week and they voted no to taking the monies :rolleyes:
Baja I believe it is coming up again soon...but ya money wasn't doing much for us anyways.:foul:The sheeple in charge have to go..
I had given up as well. Let me tell you a story.

A year ago I called the Big Bear Discovery Center out of pure frustration when I head they were closing trails near the North Shore of Arrowhead. I wanted to scream and bitch. I was forwarded to the voice mail of some guy in charge of OHV where I left my pissed off message. DONE that guy will never call me back.

WRONG... Greg called me back... explained how we screwed ourselves out of those trails with uncorked track bikes echoing into backyards. Said we had 2 years to comment on the closures and NO ONE EVER DID ! He was more pissed than me cause he had to close the trails... AND HE WAS THE GUY THAT BUILT THEM 20 YEARS AGO !

So he opened my eyes and got me to join the Adopt-a-trail program as a way to stay involved and have the voice to make a difference when these conflicts occur in the future. I told him my ONE AND ONLY AGENDA WAS MORE DIRT BIKE ONLY TRAILS (Gated Single Track).

Six months later I was invited to be part of the OHV Leadership Team that manages projects and grants with the Green Sticker Grant Managers, the forest service and select members of the PUBLIC. I am the PUBLIC. At these meetings serious decisions are made about every road & trail on the Travel Management plan. I have been fighting for 6 months for MORE DIRT BIKE ONLY TRAILS (Gated Single Track).

This past week, with a new HEAD of the Forest in her job 3-4 months I was asked to provide a map of possibilities to connect our AAT Trail 2W01 (Devils Hole) to other loops in the forest. THIS IS HUGE. For the first time, we are talking about adding trails to the existing system only a year or so after the establishment of the Travel Management Plan. And we got here only because thinking people got OFF the Internet, put down the GIVE UP attitude and ENGAGED.

It may surprise you to know that the head of FOJ, Ed Waldheim himself, WHOM I HAVE BEEN HIGHLY CRITICAL stood up and fought for my MORE DIRT BIKE ONLY TRAILS (Gated Single Track). Ed is the KEY to getting Green Sticker Dollars. No one has more experience writing a grant and getting it approved. I have spent time with the man face to face respectfully arguing about his fences and bill boards. I have stated publicly that we don't need or want them in the forest ! Having adult, consistent, face to face debates with him have earned me his respect AND a voice on these issues with the Forest Managers.

It will be a year or more before there is one new DIRT BIKE ONLY TRAIL (Gated Single Track) on the mountain. But it will happen... and it will be funded by Green Sticker Dollars & Adopt-a-trail hands on labor... and engaging instead of whining on the Internet was the ONLY WAY to GITrDONE ! :prof:

FYI - Heading up to Cactus Flats tomorrow for tour with decision makers to clear up that mess of a staging area... Cabanas, tables, kids track and other features coming. :thumb:
The $27 million Politicians are trying to steal every year from the $90 million OHV Fund was tabled temporarily yesterday. This is a sneaky tactic to pause long enough to get us looking away... then they will slip it in and steal the money !


Please don't get complacent... let them hear from you so on Monday they have full email boxes from us in MASS ! It will have an impact ! :thumb:

Click on the image below to go to the AMA Website and email your protest NOW !

Thank you ! ~BOLT