Should I buy the crf 150 or crf 230?

I've only ever ridden my brothers crf 100 before and not very much but I want want to get my own bike and I can't decide between the 150 or 230.
I'm a beginner but I have done a little riding before. I'm 5'6", weigh 130lbs and I'm female.

Is the 230 to much of a bike for my level? I'm just worried I'll get too good on the 150 and have to upgrade it to the 230 to soon, I'd rather just have to buy the one bike.


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Not sure how to answer, as I tend to lean to Tim Taylor's point of view.
You seem the right weight and height to enjoy a CRF150 just fine.
Either way, post up photos when you get one!!! -BIG DAN:thumb:
the 150 sounds like the right size for you and it will be plenty of fun for years to come but the 230 is also a sweet easy to ride bike but it might be just a little heavy for you.
My daughter runs a CRF230F and loves it. It's regular sized wheels 18/21 over 17/19 and sits a little taller. you shouldn't have a problem with riding it as it is tame but better all around to grow into, and have for a while. Mine is a 2006, and I bought it new. All my kids ran through it for a time or two, but my youngest daughter 23yo now about the same height, doesn't want to move on and she has been riding it of many years.
I agree with Palmer. Go bigger, respect the machine, and grow into it. IMO, thats better than buying the smaller bike, outgrowing it, and being bored with it way too soon, then having to fork out extra additional $$$ for the bigger bike later.
Also, I'm assuming you're speaking of the CRF150F, and not the CRF150R - two totally different bikes.
Go with the 230.