Engine Scotts Stainless Steel Oil filter

For me, all the advertising about superior filtration and improved oil flow didn't affect my decision to go stainless on my bike. What did was 12 dollars a filter from yamaha, and the poor quality of the 3 dollar tusk house brand oil filter. So, I dropped approx. 80 dollars on what should be the last oil filter I'll ever need for my bike.

Scotts claims that it extends engine life, and filters more consistently than a paper filter does, while promotoing oil flow, while I don't have the capability to test their theories, I am more than happy with the quality of the filter. Its well put together, nothing looks like its about to fall apart. The filter is easy (and cheap) to clean, just pick up a 3 dollar can of aerosol brake cleaner, spray the filter thourghly, and blow from the inside out with compressed air. Overall process takes me less than 2 minutes. I've now had mine for a total of 3 oil changes, and all 3 times the oil has come out considerably cleaner than it did with paper filters, and the filter comes out with more visible debris on it :banana:

I can't vouch for the knock off's, but the scotts is a quality product, and their customer support/service was extremely nice and helpful when I called.