2 Stroke Questions and a Hand II

10-18-2019.JPGSirs, I'm in the middle of rebuilding (Restoring, Overhauling) a 1986 Honda CR250R. I need too Break-in the Engine still, First Start. The Honda Manual says one way and other sources says other. Which Source is correct.

Another Question is Powder Coating, How Much, And Where.... I do not want a Crazy job done and the Prep work I can do myself. The Sub-Frame I don't need done I'll Paint that.
If it is only the piston rings you replaced then the bottom end main bearings etc are already broken in. You just need to set the top end. Start it and let it idle til the rads get hot. Let it cool a bit and then run it up n down the street going thru the gears. When it cools down fill the rads up with fluid. You are now ready to ride.
Sir' Sounds great, Where did you get that photo of the Clutch Lifter Rod (Push Rod) I think it's "mine".. Break-in Problem solved I gather. NowFUEL FILTER.JPGFUEL FILTER.JPG to dismantle the whole Bike (C) and have the frame Powder Coated. But where and how much should I expect too Pay. Honda Red
Sir's The Dumbbells are there to keep the CR from falling, at around 235 Lbs. it topples over very easy. I've already dropped it on myself once. I have so many questions I don't know where too start. Quite possibly you can ask me the questions. Or tell me what too do next. Here's some Photos what too be done next,FUEL FILTER.JPGggg.JPGFUEL FILTER.JPGggg.JPG
Sir's The Dumbbells are there to keep the CR from falling, at around 235 Lbs. it topples over very easy.
Oookaayy.. that’s probably one of the dumbest things Ive heard in a while. I dont see how those weights are going to do squat to keep the rig from falling but.. whatever. Like ALL our bikes weigh 235+
Sir's, JD Jetting there's so much out there, When it comes too Carburation. I recently bought a Boyesen Super Bowl. Which make it even more confusing. Should I run Rich / Lean. What's the Weather today. There's so much to adjust for. Can I go wild on the Carb, such as a Stryker Carb or a Replica. View attachment 32879View attachment 32882View attachment 32881
If I remember correctly that generation of Honda’s was spot on for sea level up to 2000 ft asl for jetting. Adding the reed valve kit will probably force you to use a larger jet in the main.
Sir's Jetting, Don't really understand elevation and its effect on Fuel atomization and how to measure Burn. But I live somewhere around Sea Level, and I don't know much about Flight (Aircraft). But I gather with the addition of the Boyesen Super Bowl Float Bowl I bought there will be a lot of Jet Changes, The Bowl will most likely need too Lean and Enriched the fuel mixture. But once Dialed in I hope its a Power gain. JD Jetting does have a lot of interesting Stuff, I plan to purchase some items. Fuel Filter.JPGAIR SCREW KINIEWN.jpg.
Try to understand why the same picture keeps getting posted in your messages....:noidea:
Why are you messing with the jetting anyways? Is it not running right? My Hondas back then were spot on even when running custom pipes from FMF.