PLEASE HELP! Accidentally ran very lean fuel

Hey, I’m new to dirt bikes. I bought a gasgas ec250. I almost ran out of fuel so I got a Jerry can at the gas station and bought some valvoline multi purpose 2 stroke. I meant to mix at 40:1 but I mixed it at 80:1. I ended up driving it for 45 minutes and realized I messed up when I got home. I drained it and I’m wondering if it would of messed up my bike and what I should do now.
you should be ok. The fuel that was already in it will bring it up some to a better ratio too. If it didnt get loud, motor bog down, stop running its probly OK. Remove the spark plug and see if there are tiny balls of aluminum stuck to the electrode, This will show excessive heat and melt down of top of piston.
You are fine. If you where not pinned the hole time. As Mike said above, pull the plug and check it out. Throw some new fuel in it and enjoy..:ride:

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