Controls Pit Posse E-Z Pull clutch system..

Well my Pit Posse E-Z Pull clutch system arrived about a week ago and I decided to install it today while doing maintenance. I ordered this for my RM 250 because I installed the heavy duty clutch springs for MX. The pull was heavy and I figured for $36 incl shipping "why not?".

Its a decent looking cast aluminum unit, but came with no directions at all. Just the unit and a reciept. I'm a competent mechanic so I figured it out rather quickly. Its a bit tricky getting the cables in. 1st you need to remove the 4 screws holding the cover on. They are cheap and without a good screw driver they will easily strip. once the cover is removed it reveals the lever and fulcrum. I was actually expecting a simple pulley system and was surprised to see the lever. you can move the min to adjust the amount of pull.

I set it up for the middle pin and finished the installation. total installation time 20-25 mins.

After installing this wonderous gizmo that was gonna have me feathering my clutch and roosting the 450's (as usual :P) with ease I realized that my clutch was EVEN harder to pull!!! :foul:
This product did not perform and actually made the clutch worse.. Save your money and buy the Magura Hydraulic clutch for 300 bucks.

Pit Posse will be getting a call on this one:rant: