pete-za-crap baja dr125

Hey gang, not sure where to post this exactly, but I might be needing some expertise with my freebie hurtbike. A buddy of mine gave me his baja dr125, because he had given up on it.

Well, I took the challenge. I'm completely unfamilar with small engines. I had to get a new petcock for starters, because somehow the dude managed to break the old one, and after installing it, I couldnt get it to turn over. So I went ahead and rebuilt the carb, found a bunch of gunk in the bowl, and something that was clogging the jet. Still wouldnt start, so I took out the spark plug, cleaned it and torched it, and got the spark back. So I threw that back in.... and overtorqued it (mind you im too inexperienced to know exactly how far you torque it) so I pulled the head (had to drop the motor to remove the head), and clean the deposits, use a screw extractor and some penetrating oil to remove the spark plug leftovers, and threw the head back on. This time I decided to use my old crappy torque wrench which 50% of the time doesnt seem to work. I heard the head bolts are to be cranked to 17ftlbs, so I set the torque wrench accordingly... and after tightening them in a cross pattern, I snapped one of the head bolts. (yaaaay) so after throwing some random things around, and trying to find someone that sells these online, my last current resort is to call up baja (which someone told me they went out of business) and see if they still manufacture the part I need.

However, should my last resort deplete, what should I do? It almost seems as if I could run it on the 3 other (possibly overtorqued) head bolts without needing the other missing one.

I know it sounds stupid as it'll get out, but what all can go wrong operating this with a missing headbolt? And how severe is it that I find a means of replacing it before using?