Amatuer People you'd like to thank for your racing career

I put great time into thinking about this for months on end, I think alot of other out there have too. So why not write them down on paper :noidea:

I'll kick this thing off

1. Mom and dad- They pay for race fuel, alot of track fees, support me and haul my ass to and fro. Not to mention the thousands of hours in which they put up listening to my race talk about 23/7. (mans gotta sleep :smirk:) I can't believe I have 2 great parents willing to do so much to help. My dad moves me around everytime and my mom pays for ALOT! Just last weekend for my first race she spent close to a hundred bucks on track fees, fuel and memberships. In all of this, after I didn't make it to moto 2 and she still said that was alright and said I did a great job! :shocked: She and pops were even nice enough to spend another 50 Wednesday for practice, too bad the track wasn't open. I can't believe the time and effort my dad puts forward and the advise I get. He never gets mad but he is damn good at telling me what I need to do to be faster from another stand point. Not to mention the fact before we left I smashed him in the head on accident loading the toolbox in the truck and the fact he helps me load and undload my bike, considering he gets a little injured every damn time, I thought he'd give up by now!

2. All of DBA- You guys are all great people willing to help me out, give great advise and listen to a ton of hair brained ideas I come up with :lol: It was great for james for give me that sponsership my first year of racing too. Most places I applied for listend just to think of a good excuse to say NO :rolleyes: I really appricate it from everyone out there, you guys are probably the nicest people I have met in my riding career :hug: :ride: :thumb:

3. The locals- Great to know people out there to ride with! A big thanks to Greg who gave me the quarter for the running scedule :thumb:

4. Track owners- They really are willing to hear what you have to say to improve their tracks and put a great effort into prepping them and keeping the riding fine!

5. Rider support- Man you guys save me money!

Anyhow, here are my top 5, let me hear yours and why!
i would like to thank CDA for being on team DBA with me and also running the pits for me....

ohh wait that was just a conversation we had in chat one time and i have never actually raced :lol:
It's been a while since i've raced but i'd say:

1. God- cause i know i probably woulda killed myself on a few wrecks if i wasn't praying mid

2. My uncle- he gave me a job right out of highschool and thats when i picked up my first bike from a co worker

3. My sponsers- ASV, Marozochi, Maxxis

4. Riding buddies- letting me know when races are, i've only got 2 outside of online that ride

5. TT- I havn't raced since DBA has been here or i'd thank you guys :P
My racing "career" such as it was, was a very long time ago, but the only person I have to thank for it is ME. I bought everything, did my own work, all the driving, everything. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything, though. :ride:
I'll play!

God - Wouldn't be alive without that one! I gotta give thanks for Him letting me have the ability to ride.

Dad - He's been there since day one with my riding. He'd pay for little things, but overall he'd make me pay for the bigger stuff, which is good. That taught me the value of money and I'm thankful he and my mom brought me up that way. Dad was the one who would always take me to the track even when he had nothing to do there, and he let my stay until I was either puking, or a Bears or STL Cardinals game was coming on. :smirk: He's pushed me to work hard and practice. He also pushed my bike up after I scrambled my brains and broke my wrist, which I'm very thankful for that! I rode it back halfway around the track, but by the time I got to him, the adrenaline was wearing off and it was starting to suck. :ride:

Mom - Even though she never really did like that I rode, she helped pay for my hospital bills and maintained mental stability most of the times when I was out riding. :smirk:

Collin (friend) - He got me into riding when he brang over his CRF50 and CRF70. We started out riding around the neighborhood at the national park. He's been my number 1 riding buddy until he had to sell his bike.

Cameron and Jimmy (friends)- Cameron is my friend who has all the connections. He got me in good with a guy that soon built a track in my county. I'd also like to thank the owner, Jimmy (owner of Halstead Motorsports) for providing such a wonderful track for all us to ride on. These guys have encouraged me to ride hard, practice, and have fun. They've done a lot for me. :thumb:

TT - even though they can be a rough crowd over there, they taught me a lot too. Certainly brang me down a few notches and scared me out of doing that 140 foot quad when I didn't have enough experience. :P

DBA - I haven't really gotten to ride much since I've been on here, but thank yall for keeping me updated with the motocross world and letting me talk with a bunch of good guys who share a love of dirt bikes!
Every trip, every winter and more! :lol: I have givin him alot of injuries over the years. When I was 8 I shot him in the eye with a rubber band gun on accident :lol: But yes, this time and others :devil:
My Dad, he pays for most of the entry fees and alot of the major things.
John *****, he sponsored me right after my 1st race and got me where I am today.
Herrera Racing, especially Aj and Josh, they help me get faster and Aj helps me ANYTIME i have a question regarding anything related to flattrack.
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