Parts for Chinese bike??

Hi everyone, I work for a body shop and a customer brought in a dirt bike they bought for their kid. The brake handle and a bunch of the plastic is broken. Usually this would be an easy fix for us but this bike is proving impossible to find parts for. The only things I can find on this bike to identify it are the word Loncin on the engine cover and F&F on the plastic parts that aren't broken. All of the other tags have worn off. All of the google searches I've done have turned up nothing so I'm turning to the forums to see if I can get some help from people that know more about this stuff than me! If anyone knows if parts are available for this bike and where I could get them I would be forever grateful! I have learned in my search that if I'm ever looking for a dirt bike to spend the extra $$$ and buy a good one lol! Thanks!!


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