Other Oil leak


First you should know I am not a mechanic nor do I know anything about dirt bikes.

I bought my son a Taotao DB10 110cc pit bike for christmas. It ran good for a few days then started to leak oil. The oil is coming from the right side of the crankcase near the break pedal. I have attached a photograph. Please help me identify the problem.

Thank You for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

In that case I would lay the bike over on oposite side, clean the outside of the case off with brake cleaner, Tip the bike back up and run it to see wittness of leak, lay bike over again, sand the area a little bit, clean off again with brake cleaner, mix up some JB weld as Dan suggested, and cover the area that is leaking.

Happy trails, Happy New Year.

Drunk spell hahaha..
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