Nothing Like A Wet Desert

After a recent rain dumped all over SoCal, it was time to ride. I ended up going solo for this one. It’s too bad that nobody else could make it because it was a perfect day out there.

Playing around in the hills a bit before heading to the washes. That’s Harper Dry Lake under a cover of fog.

I was looking for a wash, but a wash found me. :banana:

No problem. I’ll just follow it to the main one just ahead.

This was a different wash that I caught much farther down. It was at least two cars wide and fast flowing. No time for pictures.:prof:

Same wash. It went back pretty far and got narrower and muddier. This is where I stopped. It kept going, but was afraid of climbing waterfalls with wet, muddy tires all alone. Shit can happen, so I turned around and stayed on the easier stuff. :chicken:

67 miles of wet singletrack, washes and hills. :drool:I’m going to be feeling this ride for most of the next week. :lol:
@Rolls Lucky you, I'm not even going to mention what happened to me except with emoji! :foul::mad::banghead::argue::banghead::mad::foul::facepalm:

I should have just gone with my instinct of how my life has been since I retired. :stick::forman:
We’re getting too old to fuck around. Our time to ride running out. Remember this the next time an opportunity arises. :P
This is true. Since Timo has been off the bike, I’ve gotten real used to solo riding. I also like that the air filter and my googles stay so clean. :D
So whats up with Tim being off the bike? Hope he is healthy and good!
Nope, thinking about seeing a doctor about my shoulder and upper arm of the throttle side. Another big sidelined item is working on the downstairs bathroom. Housework is nearing the end though.
Your wet desert is way more interesting than in my area. Mine is just mostly flat. I would love to ride where you're at.