North Ocotillo Survey

:thumb: I've never ridden over there but plan to visit the phone both over there soon. :smirk: is the redline the park divider ? I heard tule wash is now open going that way through the Palm osais.

From what I hear it wasn't a fair trade.

It was a fair trade, until the State gave a large chuck away. The red line subdivides the property. The side to the 78 is currently designated for off road use and is managed by OW SVRA.

Before it became dedicated/sold to the State Parks a few years back, this entire area was unmanaged private property. Since the State has taken over, it has been subdivided (where the red line is). The SRVA portion is currently being presented to the public as "gained acreage," when in fact a large portion of it has been turned over to Anza Borrgeo. EIR's underway in this area, is not a good sign.

Seems like they're trying to get a feel from the public what should be done with the remaining portion in the SRVA area. I'm sure undisclosed plans are not in favor. If people want this to remain an off-road area, it should be heavily voiced in the survey... or it too, may disappear.

OW SRVA came out with new maps, but the NW OW area isn't shown on it. Supposively, a revised map is in progress and was to due to come out in 6 - 8 weeks (this was back in early January).