Amatuer NHHA Round 5-Jericho UT

Finally home and exhausted! 11/12, spent a lot of time waiting for the race to start after some kids from the youth race got lost, when the race did start, my bike didn't start on the first kick, fired on the 2nd and when I looked up it was nothing but a wall of dust, I didn't get very far, somewhere around the 5 mile marker I noticed the feeling that is associated with a flat rear tire, and sure enough, I had one. I'd spend the rest of the race trying to pick smooth lines through rocky sections regardless of speed trying to preserve the wheel, and doing the best I could to try and salvage a little time through the fast sandy areas, trying to corner on high speed hard pack was pretty sketchy, which was a bummer considering I'm usually pretty good at fast sections, finished loop 1, stopped for fuel, got asked if the bike was gonna make it, replied I'm about to find out, and took out for the 2nd loop, where things had spaced out enough that I could breathe a little, much of the same, except loop 2 had way more twisty rocky sections, that rear with a disintegrating by the second tire bounced pretty hard a couple times, almost resulting in over the bars a couple times, finally towards the end of loop 2 we got out of the rocky technical stuff and into some faster corners/whooped out sections (I really wish I had a properly inflated tire for it) By the time I finished, after 75 miles of fighting that flat, I was totally exhausted, but, I made it, wasn't sure I was going too, but I figured I'd go till I absolutely couldn't and kind of surprised myself with how well I got through a couple sections considering, I remember hitting a couple of higher speed silty whoops on loop 1 at speed and getting extremely swapped out and leaning as far back as I could and trying to twist that throttle a little bit past max trying to keep it from swapping lol.
But at any rate, its time to finish up what little school work I have left for the semester and get ready to move end of the month.