New Member from Cali :)

howdy folks!
I'm a new-to-dirtbikes rider, looking to get advice for my first dirt bike. I've rode half and liter bikes for sometime and want to do pure off-road riding.
Looking to make new friends as well! :)



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Awesome. Welcome.
I also came from the streetz...
Biggest difference is letting the bike do it's thing and dance beneath you, traction is more of a suggestion than a feeling when riding dirt.
Post up some photos when you get one! -BIG DAN:thumb:
Welcome , I've ridden almost all of them . .. Ride daily , 50 cc up to the big street screamers .. mostly the dirt and the smaller streeters . Show what you ride ....
I'm with Palmer84one . Biased opinion but completly satisfied with Yamaha .. I own 4 TTR 125 L . 3 PW 50 , But also have Honda , Kawasaki , Suzuki . Both dirt bikes and streeters ....