new from aus, own a 88 rm 125 looking to restore it

looking for a 88 model barrel and cylinder head.
bought the bike awhile back, as a project.
has been abit of a mystery, all the 88 model bikes i have seen have a blue frame.
this bike also has upside down forks.
a guy a spoke to at mick hone suzuki said it could be late in the yr 88, but more like a 89 model.


Welcome to DBA. Looks like you are already getting help from folks here. That's great to see. Hope you stick around and post pics of your build and rides.

There are several Aussie's here on Dba.


thanks, rapt i found this site. thank you for the replys! did some excavation work on the junk in the shed to find the rm project. poor girl, its time for some love! heres a photo of motor engine number starts with f113-113
frame number -jsirf13a
P1100299.JPG P1100300.JPG P1100301.JPG P1100300.JPG