Wheels/Tires Neutec tubliss Kit

Figured I would do a write up on the tubliss kits. Not sure if anybody here uses them or have even heard about them.. I won't bore you guys with all the details about trying to install them but I did a write up about it on my blog.

I decided to run the tubliss kits on my bike after all my riding buddies have switched to them and are very satisfied with the results. I figured what better time to try the tubliss then the MRAN desert race in Pioche Nevada last weekend.

The front tire I had no problems other than I put the tire on backwards the first time. :banghead: ... Once I got that all squared away I ran 10 PSI in the front tire. The rear tire i had trouble getting the small tube to seal around the valve stem so when I put air in the tire it leaked out around the valve stem. I messed with it for about 2 hours and thought I had it fixed.

I showed up to Pioche at about 9:30. My race was at 11:30. This is about 3 hours from my shop. I got my bike unloaded and got dressed hung out until about 11 and went to the riders meeting. I get down to the start line and I am waiting for my line to take off when somebody comes up to me and tells me I have a flat. I told him I was running a tubliss and it was ok I was only running 8 pounds of pressure. Then I look down and sure enough it is flat. NO AIR. the guy I am sitting next to said to run back to the truck and air it up since I had enough time before the race started.

I ran back to the truck and put some air in. I put 10 PSI in and headed back to the line. I got back and it was go time. the banner dropped and I took off.

I got off to a good pace but I pumped up almost immediately and had to slow down and and tell myself to calm down. It has been over a year since I raced. I immediately noticed the front tire, running 10 PSI I had front traction everywhere and the front end soaked up everything and I got no deflection of any rocks or anything. It was a huge advantage in the washes as we were charging through the rocks and I wasn't having to pick my lines I could just plow through and I was able to make up time on the guys in front of me.

Unfortunately this is when I noticed the rear. I could tell that I had a lot more traction than I was used to but when I hit anything in the wash I could tell the rear wheel was low on air. I knew I was ok because you can run the tubliss system with 0 air pressure all with no issues. I pushed the pace in the washes and was able to pick a few guys off. I was able to keep my pace consistent all the way to Alternate pit which is at the 36 mile mark. This is when my day started to unravel.

After alt pit the race course headed into the mountains and the trees. I have never ridden in the trees before and man is it a different game. I am used to riding in tall bushes and brush where you can cut corners but with trees you can't cut corners and trees are un-forgiving. Up in the mountains the ground was soft from a lot of rain. The low pressure in the rear tire was awesome and I had no wheel spin and the bike just tracked through the mud and up the hills with ease.

Overall I am very impressed with the Tubliss systems I ran close to 50 miles of the 54 mile loop with a rear flat or 0 air pressure. Never once did I feel the rear tire trying to roll off the bead or come off the wheel. For the front wheel I was amazed at how much it helped with the handling running lower air pressure in the front.

Now for the shameless self promotion.
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thanks a lot for this write up. i been eyeballing these things. maybe someday they will stop calling me flat tire trav :smirk:

how did that rear tire fair after all was said and done? was it still good condition or tore up?
I asked about these Tubliss inserts on another forum. The ones who have used them do seem to like them a lot. Them there are some who had issues with them. I think they require you to instahl them perfectly to get the most out of them.