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I have a 1982 xr200r, I jut put new piston rings, timing chain, and timing chain guides on it. I put it all back together and now I can’t get it to fire, it has good spark and fuel. From what I have found out it is timed right. Is there something I might have missed?


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I think the manual is looking for 180-200psi with the auto decompression cable unhooked, otherwise it will read low.

is the float set? Have you tried starting fluid while bumping it?
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When you tried the starting fluid, did it pop or make any kind of noise like it might be trying to start? If you have compression, fuel, and spark, I'd think you would hear something. Are you sure you got the spark timing pulser back on correctly?ignition.jpg
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You have to set the timing of the pulse pickup; do you have a manual? I could email you the pages from the manual; they scan too large to post here. You may have spark, but if it isn't hitting at the right spot in the stroke, it won't run.