Need help identifying

Well, you have a what?
Motorcycle, go cart, Chinese finger?
Email photo to yourself while downsize photo , save to photos, attach here.
Or downsize another way.

Looks like one of them Chinese bikes you are always messing with. See if you can identify this for the kid.

Tagged Big Dan the moderator. Maybe he can shed a little light on the bike.


Staff member
If all you have of it is that rolling chassis, even a japanese bike may not be worth building from there.
That VIN seems to match a few loncin enduro bikes released in the 2000's.
By looking at an international decoder it came back a 2004 Chongqing Loncin Industry Group Co Ltd .
You'll have to figure out the original displacement, then entire motors and electrical can be procured for fairly cheap, even used.

I have been mostly disappointed by the chinese frames and suspension. However, the motors are usually under powered, but bulletproof. -BIG DAN:thumb: