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Hi. I have a CRF125 and the ignition switch went bad and then the wiring harness damaged. The wires to the engine stop button, ignition switch are bad. I plan to get it all replaced, but in the meantime I'd like to ride it with a manual start. I'd like to bypass the ignition switch, engine stop button, starter button, etc. I think I need to satisfy all the inputs to the Ignition control module and then I can start the bike. I've attached a drawing I found on it. I tried applying 12V to the Bl/W line to the ICM thinking that would allow the bike to just start, but it doesn't work. Everything to the starter relay switch, rectifier, alternator is still intact.\

I know it's tough to troubleshoot without seeing it,but if anybody has any ideas let me know.



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If this is the correct wiring diagram, then this should be real easy to fix.
-Kill switch can be disconnected, and the bike will run, but will need to be stalled to kill it.
Grounding the Black/White wire from the CDI will KILL the ignition. Clip and terminate to be sure it's not grounding out.

-Black and Red wires in the ignition switch need to be connected to give the starter switch power.
-The Black/White and the Green wire should not be touching in the ignition switch. You can clip and terminate to be sure.
-BIG DAN:thumb: