Mirrors street bikes

Just came back from a road trip . Fought mirrors all the way , winds at 70 + mph. Plus vibration kept me busy . Any soloutions , suggestions to remedy situation . Been thinking , super glue on ball ? Clear silicone ? New , better mirrors ?
What kind of mirrors/bike is it? Mine have always had the double nut as far back as I can remember and Ive had a lot of road going machines. Just did 200 mi on mine Saturday. I could do 115mph all day if the law would let me. Even with a naked bike the wind is no problem mirrors or otherwise.

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I broke a mirror on my dr650 a couple years ago. Bought a pair of China knock offs and I can tell the difference. Vibration makes everything out of focus on the Chinese unit.
The double takes work great up to about 80mph. The ram mount is only as good as you can tighten them witch is pretty good.
They make a round, and streamline head.