Loose plug?

Recently bought a 2001 yz 250 and during the engine tear down I noticed that this plug/screw was loose and siliconed into place. It’s got a small crush washer on it and I looked everywhere in my manual but couldn’t find anything on it. The threads are stripped out and it won’t tighten either. Is anybody familiar with this or have an idea of what it might be? It’s on the left side of the crankcase beside the generator cover.


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I’ve never done thread repair before. Is it very difficult?
Pretty straight forward. Watch a bunch of different YouTube videos on repairing blind hole and through hole. This is a through hole. You’ll need to pull the stator/flywheel cover, and flywheel to remove the actuator arm, put grease on the drill bit to capture as much drill tailings as possible, then suck any other material out if present. Then do the same with the tap add grease, then insert the coil. Or, take to a machine shop and have it done with coil or sert.