Lets see those garages!

Heres mine

I have shelving along the one wall, the garage is much bigger, but this is my shop

Ur turns
I have not seen hill billy shelves made out of cinder blocks since I lost my turn table in the 70's. :smirk:

Nice work area. I don't have one, I use the yard and the bikes are in my workshop/shed. To many bikes to work on them in the shed, but it is 20X16 ft.
Thanks guys, I always like to see garages. We have a big tractor parked in the middle. I will pull it out and wash my bike in there, then sweep out the dried mud. Thats also where we work on the tractor and mowing deck. Not to mention we have hot and cold water out there :devil:


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Well here's what one corner of mine looks like. (Don't feel like going out and taking a real garage picture.):P


A LOT of storage space in those cabinets. :rocker:
james i think you need to get a gun, theres an ugly green thing living in your garage:P

Not that there is anything wrong with that ugly green thing. I have one in my garage also. But its burried behind my boat so nobody can see it.

Id take a picture of my garage but I dont own a wide enough angle lens to get all the crap that is in there in the frame. Besides its a mess anyway.
I clean the garage every summer. I also throw away all the :bleep: I don't want around, fog for insects, wash the walls and floor and sweep out all the cobwebs with a shop vac. Our garage is fairly clean al the time.