Other KLX300 VS CRF300L VS KTM 390

Hello guys, I hope you are well doing well.
I want to know your guy's opinion about these 2 bikes. I used to have the KLX 300 2021 but sold out due to my back issues and money problems but now I am looking to buy again but not sure which I should go for? I rode the KLX 300 for about 2300 miles through sand Mudd and roads. the bike is totally fine with the road and a little sand and mud but when it comes to some thick mud, deep sand the bike really struggled there. And many times in deep sand I lost momentum and speed and almost fell over. it felt like that the power is not there to pull the bike out. The footpegs were really small to fit my shoes in on the bumps and the transmission was a bit clunky. I just want to ask if any of you guys have CRF300L and can share his opinion about the bike. I have no problem buying the KLX300 again but I want to experience something different. I think the KTM is not so good in thick mud but that's just my thoughts, never really had a chance to ride the KTM machine.
Please let me know what are your thoughts about these bikes
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I have not ridden either, but hopefully someone has and can give more insight.
I could suggest a 250 two stroke, as they will do anything you'd like, except freeway commuting I guess.
You're not trying to ride in the tarpits are you?
-BIG DAN:thumb:
Thanks Dan I am still looking to get someone's opinion BTW, as a figure of speech yes I have ridden the tarpits for some double blip practice.
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I have not ridden the KLX300 or CRF300L, but I will say the KTM 350 will do everything those 2 bike can do and better. The KTM is more expensive though but you are buying a race ready scooter that has a plate on it.