Other Klx 110l won’t start. Tried everything.

I have a 2019 klx 110l. Yoshi pipe. Bbr uflo. Jetted. Won’t start with e start, kicking, or bump start. Just cranks without even trying to fire. Checked fuel, air, spark, compression, and timing. Everything is fine and don’t know what else to check. Any help is appreciated.


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That sucks. Welcome to the show.

Unfortunately you named the only things it could be.
You mention the carb is jetted, but have you cleaned the carburetor idle jet passages individually since your last attempt at starting?
Fuel getting to the intake? If you lay the bike on it's side, the carb should overflow and leak on the ground. If you are unable to flood the carburetor in this fashion, no fuel is likely getting into the intake. what happens with starting fluid sprayed down it's gullet?
What color spark are you getting from the spark plug?
You measured compression at what psi? What percentage did a leakdown test show as far as valve/ring health?
What did you do to 'check timing?'

I ride a 110 4T every single day to the mailbox. It has no air filter. Unknown amounts of oil. Never been changed. motor is absolutely covered in sand.
Never one starting issue since Timo gave it to me. They are impossible to kill, so your issue is probably an easy fix.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
Dan , shame on you ... treating a gift from a friend like a piece of shit ... Then , printing it where he could see it ... Think it , forget it .... print it , regret it ..... LOL ....
Jets are clean, fuel is filling the bowl and getting in the intake. And sprayed starting fluid in spark plug hole to by pass carb. Spark is white. Tried 2 or 3 plugs.
How are you checking spark ? Get a real spark tester ... how much compression ? How are you checking it ?
How are you checking timing ? Did you check flywheel key ? Did you remove it to check it ?