I am currently working on a KDX 50 .. I want to replace top end .. I have some JR 50 parts , they look the same , carb , gaskets , ect. Both bikes look identical .... websites advertise that parts fit Suzuki JR 50 . My question to is to anybody that has expertise , or first hand knowledge about this ... Will the top end parts interchange ?? Suzuki parts are , almost half price compared to Kawasaki . Thanks in advance ....
I recently rebuilt my 04 KX250F using nearly all Suzuki parts. Yes they're about 25% cheaper.
The trick is to compare the part numbers.
Example -
Kawi # 2215W-1045 vs Suzuki# 2215-W1045 = same exact part.
They put the dash in different places, but the part is identical and comes from the same place and made from the same machine.
Thanks , I figured that was the case , Owned DRZ 125 AND KLX 125 , SAME BIKE .. Never checked part numbers ..., worked for Kawasaki dealer , Suzuki was across town ..... yea , both bikes built by Suzuki ..... have seen KLX 125 WITH Suzuki frame decal.......