WA Is EVERYONE scared of snow?

Atta Boy Brian! Keep riding. :thumb: Then come up here to Manitoba and ride when you have to kick a hole in the air just to get out of your house. Having said that, we ice race in the winter. :smirk:

yeah, scares me to death. (steve needs to get out more on that daylight thing). how do you feel about ice Dive? ride on it? (dive under it?)

I'm from Chicago and north burbs originally, we skated the black ice to school, and played hockey past dark on the lake waiting for the roads to freeze back up... OK, usually had to just walk home packing the skates because it tool all night for the roads to ice up enough to skate.
The ice dives sucked, was for the Sheriff's dept UW team, body taggin crash victims that went into Lake Couer d' Alene. I was firefighter but it was close enough as there weren't any DM's in house back then.

Used to watch the races on Round Lake, IL, until a snowmobile went through and they shut it down.
Hell yea, I try it.

Sure don't miss those freaking winds though.
Oh CRAP! He was actually talking about cocaine...
This always confused me.. cocaine is bad, but never could figure out what was so bad about crack??
What's so bad about it anyway?!?!?