Hi everyone, I want to buy a KTM SXF 250 but I don't know much about bikes. I have spoke to the guy who I am buying it from and he says its 2018 model and done 72 hours (Can someone explain the meaning of this)

He also said its had a top end engine build + suspension fully serviced 3 hours ago
DP Clutch 10 hours ago

Is there anything I need to look out for ? or anything I need to find out before buying the bike as I am a rookie and don't much about bikes just how to ride them.

If anyone can give me some information or advice I would be thankful


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Hours on a bike are generated by the ignition running. So it's actual runtime of the engine. 72 is pretty good, probably needed a top end about now.
Without receipts, consider anything the previous owner says as a maybe.
Ask about the valve clearance history, but at 72 hours, they may be in spec still.

4Ts need maintenance as any motorcycle, and they have easy to read signs for when maintenance is due. Leak down tests, valve clearance, and recording your findings along the way will provide a roadmap to ownership.
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If the owner has receipts that he did the top end and the motor only has 3 hours on it, then you are golden. Play riding, you should get 70-80 hours before another top end. Racing is about 15-20 hrs.
Thankyou @CDA

What about general maintenance ?
How often do I need to service ? change oil ? tyres etc etc ?

Before riding what do I need to check for ?
and what do I need to check for after riding ?


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You'll need the service manual to start with.
They will recommend oil changes, and how often to check what.

I personally change oil every 10 hours, check valve clearance every 20 hours, and a leakdown every 20-25 hours.

Recording valve clearance every time gives a "change over time" which is relevant to predicting need for adjustment/replacement in the future. You'll be able to see/predict the remaining life.
Same with leakdown tests, recording them regularly can show the engines performance or health over time.

What I'm getting at, is there is no set hours for something, it depends on how you ride it and how the components are wearing together. The manual gives specific specs for each section of the engine. Head/valves, top end, and bottom end. If you aren't into mechanics, a shop can perform these tests and provide results for you to compare to your manual.

Tires will be obvious, worn out rounded knobs and the handling will be different.

For rides I check tire pressure, chain tension, air filter, and suspension/handlebars for obvious loose hardware.
After is the same. Washing it immediately is the only way to stay ontop of keeping a dirtbike clean. -BIG DAN:thumb: