Other How many Zook riders are here in DBA?

How many of us Suzuki riders are there on DBA?

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i have a 2004 RM85 and it's nice, i talk alot of crap about it but i love that lil beast...my dad hates that noisy 2-stroke tho...hates the fact that i dig ditches up the field with it to...hes just a 2-stroke hater.
How about EX zooki owners? Since I've only owned 1 125 I can't compare it other than I blew the others (YZ's and Elsinores) in the weeds when I raced em...(unofficially of course)...:prof:
Its just old. Not nearly as cosmetically appealing as it was when it was new

Sounds like mine...my shrouds WERE yellow when it was new, when I bought they were faded lime green...I pulled them off and had them painted black. Since the graphics on the swing arm were shot I pulled them off so now the only BRAND I/D is on the seat...Fenders are ok (white)...it's just fugly! I had some graphics made since none are available that I can find "anywhere"...I'm wanting new(er)...just to get past the fugly factor...:smirk:...she runs strong! :thumb: