Engine Honda CBX250 Xl250r engine electric start

Here is an opportunity to rebuild and install an electric start motor for your Honda Enduro / dual sport XL250r. The motor was essentially pretty much the same as the XR250 (single carb) XL250r (had a dual carb) but with electric start so parts have relatively easy to find. Motor and every aspect needs to be rebuilt/restored but very hard to find these motors. It's been sitting for a year and just don't think I'll ever get around to it and might even sell the XL250r.....I guess this motor was made for a CBX250 sold in Japan and Australia. I bought this engine for my Honda XL250r to make it electric start. I have an 87 XL250r with kick start and found out that this is the only (that we know of) motor that can drop into the existing frame mounts for an 86 87 XL250r and I think even some XR250s or 250rs from 84 to late eighties but please check for your self. if the mounts are the same for the 1986 and 1987 Honda XL250R then this will bolt up. The bottom end looks good (I have not cracked it open). As you can see this is for rebuild but I have pretty much all you will need including a head, head case a single XR250 carb and linkage (not pictured). I also have an XL/XR side cover if you want both electric start and kick start. I mocked upm the engine to frame and the only thing you need to do is reroute the clutch cable to drop it in an XL250r frame.

As you can see I even went ahead and ordered a brand new cam over $100 and went through a checklist and ordered just about every bolt and odd (over $200 in misc bolts and parts) and end you need to reassemble besides gaskets and I forgot cam bearings. Of course there might be something I am missing but Partzilla (and if not Ebay) has just about everything you'll need.

$650 plus shipping located in Ransomville NY ...... It's taking up space please make me an offer. Will ship probably in a couple boxes. Motor and every aspect needs to be rebuilt/restored but very hard to find pretty much complete.

THIS IS ALSO LISTED ON EBAY https://www.ebay.com/itm/192854563024


Please make me an offer. have over $1,000 invested.


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