Hey BigDan

Check this out, a true survivor 4000 original miles.

Guy let the carbs gum up, we pulled the bank and cleaned and she ran like a top back in feb. We tried to buy it from him then for $3,500 and he wouldn’t sell. Finally he decides to put it up for sale, and he put gas in it and it came raining out of the fuel pump like a sieve. He calls my brother and said come get. $2,500
Did the fuel tape trick on the pump and got it screaming for 10¢ worth of tape lol.


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I'm 300+ lbs, so I like the shorter sidewall. Smoother transitions, feels less like it's wants to fall in. I can quickly overload a front tire.
Same for the dirt, I need to be more rear biased, because I can push an entire berm of sand others can't. -BIG DAN:thumb:
Been out rippin it super fun bike. Riding my ZH2 ..it has a crap ton of power but also weighs 520 pounds after dropping the bazooka. The 6 got half the horsepower but that extra hundred plus pounds feels like.. I don’t know I think it might be more fun to scream the 600 than to fight the beast around the bends. I mean I can run down a McLaren in the streets but that’s 1% of the riding that I do, the other 99% it’s me and the bike alone on the road and this one is fam fukn tastic. Actually I kind of like the load up and surge of the carbs vs that smooth EFI. I guess I could say it’s like getting off of a 450 and getting on a 125 and being faster or feeling faster and having more fun.