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I got my self hooked up with bikesponsors.com and I am just trying to get enough parts to get my money back. I am asking for a little help from other riders to get a couple more products so i can get out of this deal. Thanks for the help. I will wait for some replies before i post anymore about this.


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I believe it costs $140 to apply for sponsorship at that site. If you're looking for sponsor discounts I'd suggest checking out hookit.
Im not asking for parts, Im asking if you will help me by watching my videos. James, it was $140. The deal is the give you a $2000 sponsorship and give you different $ am ounts to pick out parts or gear from. Then you make a video when you get that part and so on. When I did it I was under the impression I only had to get the views from facebook but after my first part I now had to go to sites like this forum and get views. I dont mind bothering friends and family but im not into bugging strangers that is the reason for this post. Will you help me?
Ill start a knew thread dont really want them reading this one. Thanks for the help.
Travace-- looks like a great place to ride.