250 Help with my Yamaha

I own a 1988 Yamaha yz 250 and recently rebuilt the engine(bottom and top end). However I am running to rich as access oil is leaking from my exhaust and the bike will start with throttle and no choke(to much fuel). However after research I have found that my carb is from a 1998 cr 250. It fits just fine in the airbox and intake so no issues there. However even adjusting the air and fuel mixture I cant get it to run leaner and want to know if I need to change my jetting and if so how and which jets do I need? Thank you
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Probably not the reply you're looking for, and with a 10 year difference in carbs, and different mfgr's (Mikuni/Keihin), you might just have to do some trial and error, but;
How does the bike run?
Does it make good power?
Have you tried dropping the needle position? (raising the clip 1 notch?)

Here are some links if you haven't already explored these;
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Ok thank you I have not ridden the bike yet as it does not idle because there is not enough air in the cylinder to let it idle. However I can keep the bike with a little bit of throttle.
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You will have to go through the carb, clean it, set the float height, and jet it. Trnsfr is right because bit will be a trial and error situation so make sure you get some jets. I would start with 2 leaner on the pilot and 1 leaner on the main. Good luck.
also that’s a 20:1 fuel ratio motor I believe so I would mix my fuel up accordingly. Verify that ratio in the manual.